Never heard of Bowen therapy? The word is getting out! heard of Bowen therapy? The word is getting out!

Originating in Australia, Tom Bowen was seeing 13,000 people a year before the days of social media.  Just hearing that makes one realise immediately that this therapy is something different and indeed a major achievement for a boy born in Brunswick, Victoria of parents who moved to Australia from Wolverhampton in the UK.

Self-taught in bodywork and a manual worker himself, he worked mostly from the home of Stan and Rene Horwood who supported him in building his osteopathy practice.

Tom Bowen had come up with a different way of looking at the body and restoring alignment of its bones and thus function of its organs and glands, whereby rolling over soft tissue tensions enabled them to release and no longer hold the body out of alignment.

The proof that his technique works is in the results it obtains, often when a person has tried many different therapies previously without success. They are not responding because someone has told them ‘this will work’, they are responding because when Bowen-work is carried out in the correct places on the body: using the correct pressure for both that person and for the specific tissue-type being worked upon, the body and brain work together to restore balance.

This body work results in tissue tensions easing, with bones and other hard tissues becoming able to return to their correct positions resulting in a range of benefits such as relief from trapped nerves, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, better posture, greater lung capacity and more.

This is not about treating specific conditions. It is about relieving symptoms of pain, restricted movement and poor organ and gland function to help the body to return to a state of balanced tensions and to a greater symmetry.

Bowen technique came to the UK in the mid-80s with people using it as an adjunct to massage but Tom Bowen considered himself an osteopath and his techniques have the ability to impact the body profoundly and often quickly on a physical level as well as frequently on an emotional one. Even longstanding misalignment and pain can often respond within just a few sessions.

Many people from a wide range of backgrounds have been very happy to go public about the relief they have felt following Bowen therapy and here are just some examples:

Bear Grylls with his BTPA practitioner Sarah Yearsley.

Bear Grylls Born Survivor

Sotherby’s former Europe Chief Executive Henry Wyndham and his BTPA therapist Ghislaine Vaughan.

World Champion motorbike racer James Ellison has held titles as British Superbike Racer, one time British Champion and two times European Champion as well and he is very aware of how Bowen from his Bowen therapist Andy Wildsmith Pattison has improved his health and performance.

GB Triathlete Victoria Gill ‘noticed significant physical performance benefits as well as improvements in general wellbeing and overall health’ as a result of receiving Bowen from Caroline Kremmer.

Most recently, musician Diamond Dac has found relief with his BTPA practitioner Camelia Pop.   Read his story here.

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