Bowen – a value for money treatment for sportspeople

When three years ago Grand Master Roy Oldham IX, a senior instructor with Global Taekwon-Do UK, found himself aged 70 with considerable pain in his right hip and quads, walking with a pronounced limp and in considerable pain, he turned to the Bowen technique with BTPA member Kathryn Phillips following a recommendation from a friend of his.

Sharp pain of 8-9/10 at worst, and at best a dull ache of 4/10, he found that his right leg gave way around 20 times per day. He would have to stop at least once even if walking only 100m to the bank, whilst sitting in the office and lying down gave him maximum pain. He was also walking with a very pronounced limp swinging his right leg out to the side.


Rather sceptical that something as gentle as Bowen would work for him, he arrived for his third session with Kathryn after spending several very busy weekends judging, and hence on his feet 8am-6pm each day. As he got on the couch he was clear that sometimes he could now walk for an hour at a time but then he would seem to relapse. He had by this point however, on advice from Kathryn, changed his car from a Mercedes, which was pulling his legs round to the righthand side and also was drinking more water. On arising from the couch after receiving Bowen work, Roy felt different and a lot better and he could walk almost normally.

Over the next few months, seeing Kathryn once every 3-4 weeks around his busy schedule of training and of driving long distances to venues and spending many hours on his feet judging at tournaments, Roy’s leg had reduced to collapsing only 1-2 times per day and soon after that only once per week, compared to the initial 20 times per day.

He no longer walked with any sign of a limp and his pain levels were down to zero. By 8 months and 10 sessions in total he found his body was readjusting itself within 24 hours of any issue arising.

Roy says that ‘After trying many different types of treatment I was pleasantly surprised at the results of Bowen Technique. I really thought my career had come to an end. That recommendation from a friend was the best advice ever.’

Roy now has top-up sessions when he needs them as he continues to challenge his body (Just 26 sessions in total over 3 years makes Bowen a very good value therapy for an ongoing sportsman).

Part of the Unified International Taekwon-do Federation (UITF), GTUK’s national squads enjoy an abundance of International Championships at European and World level and as one of the largest Taekwon-Do Associations in the UK it has clubs located from Scotland to Cornwall.

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