Don’t lose your sleep, get counting those sheep!

Today is World Sleep Day. We all know that sleep is important for our health, mind and body, and without it, we eventually become more irritable, tired and lack concentration.

Yet despite knowing all of this, many of us are guilty of not getting the recommended eight hours a night. It seems that we, as a society, sometimes forget just how vital having a good night’s sleep is for the body, and how it is just as important as breathing, drinking and eating.


There have been many case studies showing us how important sleep is and, in a new discovery led by sleep expert Professor Derk-Jan Dijk from the University of Surrey, scientists have found that just one week of poor sleep can disrupt hundreds of genes, thus increasing the risk of potential life-threatening illnesses linked to stress, obesity and diabetes, to name a few.

Bowen Therapy is known for its healing qualities and for releasing stress via its calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System. It is a natural, drug free, non-invasive complementary therapy. Its quick and effective treatment can help improve problems relating to sleep deprivation such as stress.

Many people that suffer from insomnia resort to taking sleep-inducing tablets and medicines.

However, rather than ‘making’ the body change, Bowen Therapy ‘asks’ the body to recognise the ailment, like insomnia, and make the changes it requires.

During the 30-60 minute treatment, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

Between each set of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process.

You can read testimonials from insomnia sufferers who have had some wonderful results from Bowen here.

If you suffer from sleep deprivation, or know somebody that does, see if Bowen could help you. Find a qualified Bowen practitioner near to you by visiting our website or call 07713 552 858.

Banish the January Blues with Bowen

So you’ve polished off the chocolate tin (even the rubbish ones at the bottom), the decks are down and you’re back at work – Christmas really is over.
But don’t worry; we are at the start of a brand new, promising year, so shake off those January blues and embrace the new decade with Bowen.
The festive period can be seriously exhausting – physically and mentally. Bowen therapy can help with muscular and skeletal problems in the neck, shoulder, hip, knees, ankle and back, as well as easing stress and sleeping problems.
We’ve all vowed to work off the turkey and mulled wine with a gruelling exercise regime this January, but if you go a little too far nailing your New Year body, Bowen has great results with sports injuries and whiplash.If you’re not feeling up to hitting the gym because you have one of the many winter viruses doing the rounds, then do not fear. Bowen can have a great overall effect on improving the immune system.


Food and drink are a huge part of Christmas and New Year, but if you’re sick of the sight of mince pies and feeling bloated or sluggish from the festive fodder, why not try Bowen for its digestive benefits?
If you’re anything like us, your body and mind may be due a little rejuvenation right about now. If you’re interested in how Bowen Therapy can help you, visit the website to find a Bowen therapist near you or call 07713 552858.

Give the gift of Bowen this Christmas


We’re approaching the mid December mark, which means only one thing – it’s very nearly Christmas! This is a phrase that brings joy to the smug ones amongst us who already have their Christmas shopping – not only done – but wrapped and sitting nicely under the tree; unfortunately not all of us are that organised.

Have you been endlessly searching the shops, magazines and internet looking for gifts but drawing a blank? Perhaps you should consider giving a gift that strays from the normal commercial presents. Giving the gift of Bowen could really make a difference to somebodies life.

If your partner is suffering from ill health or has wellbeing concerns, then Bowen Therapy may be of assistance to them.

Here’s a list of health problems and wellbeing concerns that Bowen Therapy has been reported to reduce the symptoms of:

  • Bronchial / Respiratory problems
  • Back Pain
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • RSI
  • Giving up smoking
  • Hamstring Problems
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Digestive Problems
  • Whiplash
  • Pregnancy
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Asthma

Bowen therapy is a drug free, non invasive remedial technique used to treat those who suffer from a variety of health problems and wellbeing concerns.

The Bowen Technique applies a finger, thumb rolling movement to the client’s muscle ligaments, tendons and fascias, allowing the body to release stress from a very deep level, therefore encouraging the body to repair and heal naturally. Bowen Therapy is a holistic remedy meaning the whole body is considered through the therapy and is responsive to the technique.
Bowen BTPA athletic male image

Bowen Therapy is certainly a worthwhile gift that a loved one will really appreciate. If you are interested in giving the gift of Bowen please visit to find a therapist near you.

Bowen for Backs

Yesterday kicked off Back Care Awareness Week, and this year the theme is ‘Back Pain in Golf’.

This year, the charity focuses awareness week on back health among golfers whether they are junior/seasoned, men/women, amateur/professional and provides healthy tips to enjoy the sport.

Golf is a more dangerous sport than Rugby!
‘Low back injuries account for 15.2% to 34% of all golf injuries, followed by injuries to the elbow (7% to 27%), shoulder (4% to 19%) and wrist 10%’according to the National Centre for Health Statistics (USA).
Golf is a repetitive strain sport – With an average of 300 swings per golf-playing-day, a golfer repeatedly experiences minor traumatic injuries to the spine

There is a distinct lack of awareness regarding the prevention of back related injuries among golfers which hinder their play and performance in the sport.

Commons back problems in golfers include non-specific low back pain, stress fractures, lumbar disc herniation, early degeneration of discs, repetitive stress disorder and facet irritation.

From our previous blogs, you’ll know that Bowen practitioners help many sportspeople including golfers.

Bowen Therapy is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive, complementary therapy that has had some marvellous results with back-pain sufferers and sports injuries.

A national study, carried out by The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) in the summer of 2006, showed that 95 per cent of back pain sufferers experienced either complete relief or a marked improvement, after a series of no more than three Bowen treatments.

Bowen therapy for sports can help:
Enhance performance
Provide remarkable relief from acute injuries
Prevent injuries before they happen
Increase flexibility
Prevent any pre-existing injures from reoccurring with age

If you play golf or suffer from back pain and are interested in how Bowen Therapy can help you, visit

Bowen for Migraines

Last week was Migraine Awareness Week; seven days dedicated to a neurological condition that affects over eight million people in the UK.

This makes it more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

Migraine is one of the top 20 causes of disability, and the World Health Organisation recognises it as one of the most disabling lifetime conditions.

However, awareness and understanding is low.

Migraine headaches result from a combination of blood vessel enlargement and the release of chemicals from nerve fibres that coil around these blood vessels.

During the headache, an artery enlarges that is located on the outside of the skull just under the skin of the temple (temporal artery).

This causes a release of chemicals that cause inflammation, pain, and further enlargement of the artery.

The Bowen Technique has had some great results with migraine sufferers.

Bowen is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive, complementary therapy that ‘asks’ the body to recognise the ailment and make the changes it requires as opposed to ‘forcing’ the body change.

During the 30-60 minute treatment, the Bowen practitioner makes small, rolling, movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for that individual.

No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

Between each set of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes, to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process.

One Bowen client said: “I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for the kindness you showed me when I had a migraine. I slept really well on the night of the treatment and haven’t had a headache since!! Thanks again!”

Another said: “Bowen has helped to reduce the frequency of my migraine headaches.

“I have slept better and feel more relaxed generally.

“I understand the trigger for the headaches and Bowen has helped me to adjust my lifestyle accordingly (preventative measures).”

If you are interested in how Bowen Therapy can help you, visit to find a Bowen therapist near you or call 07713 552 858.

With the Tennis Season in Full Swing, Bowen Therapy proves a hit!

With the tennis season in full swing, sport related injuries start to become an increasing pain. Every year people around the country are inspired to get up off the couch and get down to the tennis courts – sometimes with disastrous results! Even top sportspeople at peak fitness can be prone to injury. Defending champion Kevin Anderson had to withdraw from the New York Open because of a right elbow injury. Britain’s two-time singles champion Andy Murray will make a welcome return to Wimbledon in the doubles after missing last year’s Championships with a career-threatening hip injury. This year the Wimbledon championship runs from 1st -14th July.

Bowen is fast becoming one of the world’s top sports therapies. An increasing number of athletes and sportspeople use regular treatments to enhance their performance and reduce their risk of injury.

The benefits of Bowen for sports?

· It can provide remarkable relief from acute injuries

· It can help to prevent injuries before they happen

· Encourages optimum performance

· Can help to reduce recovery time between sessions

· Can help to prevent pre-existing injuries from reoccurring with age

Tennis elbow is caused by a strain to tendons in the forearm. The tendons become inflamed where they join the bony part on the outside of your elbow joint. Any activity that involves gripping and twisting of the forearm can cause this type of strain – in fact most cases aren’t actually related to tennis or any kind of exercise. Client feedback from Bowen for tennis elbow includes comments such as “The throbbing pain from my elbow to my hand disappeared” and “The results are amazing, the constant ache I had in my forearm has disappeared and what a relief that is.”

It can also help with performance and injuries in other sports as this testimonial demonstrates “I was asked to try Bowen Therapy by my football physio as I had been having problems with my back, groin and upper leg muscles for most of the season. I’d been to a chiropractor a few times and on my last visit she had advised there was nothing really wrong with my bone structure. I continued to play but still felt restricted in my movements, so I decided to give Bowen a try. After a couple of treatments, the problems I had been having virtually disappeared. I was able to touch my toes with the palms of my hands, something I’d not been able to do for a long while, and I seemed to be able to go the duration of a game easily where I had been struggling before. When people ask, ‘does it work?’ I find the best way to tell them about it is my scoring ratio since having Bowen. I’d only scored 5 goals in 27 games before Bowen treatment. From the time I started having treatment until the end of the season, I scored 10 in 12 and from my point of view that says it all! I also didn’t miss a game through injury.”

So as the Wimbledon championship gets underway, take a look at the Bowen Technique so you can start exercising without any aches and strains. To find a practitioner local to you or just to find out more about this gentle but highly effective technique, visit the website for more information:

International Men’s Health Week

International Men’s Health Week is celebrated in several countries the week leading up to and including Father’s Day. The main goal of this annual health campaign is to increase awareness of preventable health problems (both physical and mental) and encourage early detection and treatment of conditions among men and boys. This year, Men’s Health Week runs from 10-16 June.

This period is a good time for all men to reflect and focus on their health. According to a report, most men prefer to not discuss their health issues with people. Only 7% of men discuss health issues with their male friends. Almost one-fifth of men do not discuss private topics such as bedroom concerns, relationships, and urinary issues with anyone.

Research (commissioned by Mind) has found that work is the most stressful factor in people’s lives. We don’t exactly need statistics to understand that working within an institution can stimulate pressure – especially amongst men.


The consequences of stress can lead to the body’s mental, emotional and physical response to change from what it’s used to. Although it is considered a normal part of life, many men still struggle to deal with the effects and it is only then that stress becomes a negative possession – when there is no form of relief!

Effectively, men coping with stress can benefit professionally and personally from undergoing Bowen treatment.


The Bowen Technique is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive, complementary therapy that can help combat stress.

Rather than ‘making’ the body change, Bowen ‘asks’ the body to recognise the ailment and make the changes it requires.

With most men expressing that their biggest anxiety is “the pressure to be successful” in the workplace, Bowen can be of assistance in many cases of emotional stress, where relaxation is a prime factor in easing pain and anxiety.

The treatment is known for its soothing qualities for physical complaints and is an extremely relaxing experience that can have many emotive benefits too. We believe that The Bowen Technique is ideal for the promotion of men’s health and wellbeing and is most definitely an agent that can improve the prosperity of health within males.

For more information and advice on stress and mental health issues please visit